Face Wrap
Face Wrap
Face Wrap
Face Wrap

Face Wrap

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HOT/COLD Face Aromatherapy Wrap

  • Product Weight : 428 grams/pc,
  • Cover: 100% polyester (ultra soft plush)
  • Filling: 100% natural herbs : wheat, flaxseeds, lavender, chamomile, lemongrass, pepper mint, which are all natural h
  • 2 colour options: Pink, Lavender Purple
  • Each pack includes 2 pcs

Product key features

  • This wrap is designed to fit high over the forehead and low over the cheeks allowing for maximum heat or cold therapy for relief
  • of sinus headaches, cheek pain, swelling face etc.
  • Simple quick and easy to use! Just microwave on high 60 up to 90 seconds should do the trick. Adjust heating as needed 60 sec,
  • more or less.
  • Moist Heat :The freezer adds a little moisture so when heated the wrap will have a moist feel but you may mist with water before
  • heating to get the desired level of moist heat.
  • For cold: should be placed in a closed container (a plastic bag is fine ) and stored in the freezer.
  • We use Lavender, Peppermint, and Chamomile only all natural herbs for our aromatherapy. It's soothing, not too strong and most
  • people tell us that it smells like "sleepy time tea" The one thing we DON'T want is to overwhelm you with something that smells
  • way too strong.


Built-in removable filling bag, wash the case easily and re-use it.

All natural ingredients: wheat, flaxseeds, lavender, chamomile, lemongrass, pepper Mint

One size fits most people